Covid-19 is real so please, please practice safe distancing while running / walking outdoors

What is a Virtual 5K?

It's a 3.11mile race that you complete on your own time, wherever you like

‚ÄčHow does this work?

1. Complete the entry form below

2. Choose your route  

*you can run, walk, combo run/walk..outdoors or treadmill

3. Run/walk the 3.11 miles in one setting or break it up within Aug. 10th - Aug. 23rd

Record your start time and end time (use stop watch or running app like MapMyRun / Strava)

When Your Race is complete go to the TIME SUBMISSION FORM to enter race time


After the virtual race, Gymnanigans will post your times online here plus social media and set up a time / place for you to pick up your medal  

Unleash the Strong 5k

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