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Whether you want to lose excess pounds or maintain your current weight, you need to determine the right workout routine for you. Perhaps you want to become more active, but you’re struggling with developing and maintaining the habit. This is actually a very common concern, especially for those who’ve never had a stable exercise routine. If it is your first time, the transition will not be very easy.

Exercising may not be a big deal, but allocating time for exercise is completely different for those who have never done it before. Since you have to exercise several days a week, it requires your commitment. Exercising may be refreshing and exciting, but it can take a toll on your mental state as well. When you are not motivated, you may break a habit that has not yet developed.

If you want to become physically active and not quit anytime, it is important that you review your purpose for wanting to exercise in the first place. Do you want to lose weight? Perhaps it is to treat a health condition such as atherosclerosis. Maybe someone inspired you to change your lifestyle. Regardless of your reason, you have to develop the habit and maintain it if you want to succeed. If you want to be healthy, you need to exercise. There is no need to make sudden changes to your current lifestyle. You can start slow. Here are some tips on how to develop and maintain the habit of exercising.

Avoid exercising for more than 30 minutes.
Avoid exercising for more than 3 days every week when you are just getting started.
 Don’t do an activity that you dread.

If you hate running, you should not run every day. You will only lose your motivation and avoid exercising altogether. You have to start slow. For instance, you can do jumping jacks, sit ups and press ups for 15 minutes every day. You can always search the internet or read books to find more varieties of exercise that you can do at home. You can pick three exercises and alternate between them for 15 minutes. This way, you can do your workout without getting bored. While 15 minutes isn’t long enough for vigorous activities, it’s long enough to keep you going. It could have a great effect on building and maintaining the habit. Aside from this, it also motivates you to keep moving and exercise more.

After a few weeks of doing this routine, you could begin going for walks or jog in the evening. You could also go to the gym, bike or swim. There are plenty of opportunities. The choice is yours to make. Whatever you do, start slow and make the change easier for you. This way, you will not give up halfway. Starting slow will also give your body enough time to adjust. Don’t forget to eat healthy as well. Eat more fruits and vegetables to provide your body with the nutrients it needs.

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