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Ready for 1-1 boxing fitness, strength, HIIT & flexibility training? I am the one for you!  As the Owner/ Certified Master Trainer,  Boxing Fitness Coach, Senior Fitness Coach, 12 Week Gymnanigans Get On Track Trainer, Cert. Sports Nutrition Counselor & current Sports & Health Science Grad. student at Gymnanigans Boxing Fitness & Strength Training Studio  in Vallejo I am dedicated to you achieving your fitness goals. 

Sixteen years ago, I was overweight, slow, tired and completely out of shape. That's when I said NO MORE, changed my eating habits and exercised daily. So now at the age of 46, I have energy, in shape and just feel good. As a Fitness & physique transformation coach, certified sports nutrition counselor, certified elderly coach, certified boxing fitness trainer, Sports & Health Science graduate student I  help others get in the best shape of their life. I help women build muscle, cut fat, increase endurance, confidence, and power.

​Why keep walking around feeling tired, unhealthy, unfit, and just out of shape? 2019 is the year of NO EXCUSES and Gymnanigans has a solution for you! Only if you're ready to work and dedicate time!

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Are YOU Ready? Yes, YOU are! Contact Donna to schedule your free consultation.

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Gymnanigans is a comfortable, by appointment only, private boxing fitness studio where woman of varying fitness levels learn about exercise nutrition from a certified nutrition counselor and boxing fitness coach. Trainees are guided  through heart pumping boxing fitness interval sessions using body weight, heavy bag, boxing mitts, Assault AirBike, dumbbells, kettlebells, battle rope and more. We work on your fitness goals together through Gymnanigans Lifestyle eating and training. 

*The Gymnanigan Champ group classes help improve health, agility, power and endurance.

*Private Gymnanigan Champ sessions are designed to help meet clients specific fitness goals which strike a reasonable balance between skill and fitness development. This program is good for those with specific weight loss and muscle growth ambitions. 

Are YOU ready? Don't let another day, month, year go by, start your fitness journey today at Gymnanigans where you can unleash the STRONG in YOU.  2018 is the year of No Excuses! 

Are YOU Ready? Yes, YOU are!

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