2020 Runs

September 20th - October 3rd: Unleash the Strong Autmn Race

Thanksgiving Day: Gobble 'til You Wobble Race

3k = 1.86 miles | 5K= 3.11 miles | 10K = 6.21 miles

*What is a virtual race?  A virtual race is a “race” that can be run anywhere you are – no specific starting time or starting place… Just pick your favorite running path or trail and walk/ run. You can use your treadmill as well. We want to include everyone who wants to participate. 

*What is the distance for virtual races?  They can be ANY distance!!  There are plenty of virtual races in all distances and you can always make your own – the goal is just to get moving!

*What if I’m not fast?  Doesn’t matter!! Our virtual races do NOT go by time since there is no way to compare courses, terrain, weather, or prove distance/times are accurate.  Gymnanigans virtual races will just have you submit a time to show you did it – but all medals (if any) are given to all participants.   

*Do I need a garmin or some proof to show my time/distance?No.  Gymnanigans work on the honor system – if you want to show proof via ipod app, garmin, motoactv or other gps watch, etc.you can.  Photos with “race bibs” and plotting your course or showing any watch (even if it’s not a gps watch) would be awesome to post to inspire others to get up and active. 

*What  if I can’t complete the entire distance yet?  We never encourage you to push too hard too fast, but if you are only up to running 1 mile and it’s a virtual 5k – consider WALKING the last 2 miles!  Remember in our virtual race, pace doesn’t matter.   You NEVER want to push yourself too hard too fast – an injury can sideline you for quite a while and the ultimate goal is building you up slowly.   

*Howdo I find a good course that is 3.1 miles (or whatever the race distance may be)?? GPS watches are great as are iPhone apps like MapMyRun – you can literally just head out there and RUN till the distance is half way, turn around and run back….. but if you don’t have a GPS watch or iphone, you can actually use tools like Map My Run or Run Keeper to literally plot out your run BEFORE you go!  Hit the button for “snap to roads” and it will be easier to plot.  You can even go old school and DRIVE a course. Start at the beginning of a neighborhood, reset your odometer in your car and start driving.  Personally, I think plotting on Run Keeper or Map My Run is easier because you can see where neighborhood roads loop back around and it will be easier for you to run an “out and back” (run to a point and run back) or a “loop” (start in one place and run a circle till you end at the starting point).  There is another option for a “point to point” (start in one spot and end in another) but may not be the best option unless you have someone to pick you up at the end… remember you gotta get back SOMEHOW haha.  My neighborhood is conveniently 1.6 miles around so I usually just run it twice if I want to do a 5k!  Maybe yours is similar where you can run it a few times or just out and back.

How to submit your race time and pictures: Submit race time by completing the END OF RACE FORM 

Email Pictures to donna@gymnanigans.com or text to Donna (707)310-0863